How Insurance Saved History

Historical re-enactment societies bring battles of the past to life. They spend thousands and thousands of pounds on making sure each outfit and weapon is accurate for the period being portrayed. Some of these societies even cross over into the world of antique collection, coveting great treasures from historical wars.

As one can imagine, moving all of the props and outfits from place to place requires more than just a couple rental trucks. A large group of actors and role players based in Liverpool use each otherís cars for transportation of some of the larger props and displays. This sometimes requires that different members of the troupe take turns driving different cars for schedule compatibility.

The troupe planned to re-enact the Battle of Hastings in an open field. The battle was comprised of over 300 actors who used foam-covered blades and other safe weapon props to bring one of the largest battles of the Norman Conquest (and indeed one of the largest battles of world history) to life. The battle had an amazing turnout, and the troupe planned to return in six months to host the battle again for other European fans that couldnít make the trip over from the mainland.

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Michael Weeder, one of the organizers of the society, was unsure how he was going to transport more props for the encore of the Battle of Hastings. The troupe expected at least double the attendance that they had last time, as the first battle was on very short notice. This meant that more props and outfits would need to be transported to the field for those who couldnít afford the hefty cost of buying their own role playing gear beforehand.

Michael went around and asked members of the troupe if they would be attending the second time. Several long time members would not be in attendance, Michael found out. He asked these people if he could borrow their cars for the weekend to transport the extra props. A few of the members agreed, and now Michael needed to find a way to allow his members to drive these cars. He didnít want to incur any charges if they wound up getting into an accident, as the props are stacked high in the seats and trying to see around them can be a big liability.

Michael talked with his local insurer about plans he could purchase to temporarily insure the cars for use by other drivers. The insurance company told him about short-term car insurance plans that would allow his friends and compatriots in the troupe to drive the borrowed cars.

Thanks to the temporary car insurance policies (also available at they were able to provide an additional 70 sets of props to fans and troupe members who couldnít afford to pay for their own outfits.